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Monday, October 10, 2016

HorusCoin - Public Coin Offering (PCO)


Get your stake in HorusCoin™
HorusCoin™ is designed with unlimited scalability and safe smart coins/tokens.

Currently we are using Crypto 2.0 application of blockchain or distributed ledger technology to things other than digital currency. The blockchain offers the ability to facilitate decentralized ownership and store, transfer and process information in a decentralized, programmable way. Many consider that innovation to be the true value of this technology.

 1 HRC (HorusCoin™) equal to USD Price (Open Market)
 Total coin distribute: One (1) Million HRC (HorusCoin)
 Technology: Web, Android and iOS Wallet Apps.
 Equity: Proof of Stake (POS)

What is an Asset?
An Asset, sometimes referred to as a 'token' or a 'coin', is simply a unique name reserved for use by a user on the platform. Assets can be sent back and forth on the  bitcoin network similar to the way users send Bitcoins back and forth to one another.

 Year 2017 Development FUTURE Project :

 1. HorusCoin™ - 'e-Growth' platform which you get 1%-10% monthly return of investment base on HorusCoin stake holding.

 2. HorusCoin™ - 'HRC e-Lending', with 0.1%-1% daily interest pay to stake holders.

 3. HorusCoin™ - 'HRC e-system' for daily transaction's and remittance.

 4. HorusCoin™ - HRC regional representative to market HorusCoin.

 5. HorusCoin™ - Single Level Marketing (SLM)

Get your stake in the HorusCoin™ (HRC), 

announcement coin worldwide release end of October 2016.








Google Chrome Web Wallet and Android apps Integrated to accept our new currency (HorusCoin).






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